Date 04-03-2019
Notes 1.0 plugin released, which will enable note taking and note sharing in Mulberry. Migration plugin for moving tasks from Mulberry 1.3 to Mulberry 2.0 is completed as beta version. Backup and Restore of full mulberry is now available with significantly more effective mechanism. Now instead of copying the entire file attachments with every update, the system will always create a backup copy of file when it is created in the system.With every backup the database configuration file will be created to describe the list of files available at the moment of that particular backup date. Documents sent to external Mulberries now can be tracked directly from Your task view. If enabled by remote Mulberry the current holder of that task in remote system will be viewable. Task’s detailed view has been improved for outgoing workflows to show the full list of recipients and deadlines. Based on users requests we have added attachment batch downloading button is task view, which enables downloading all attachments in the task as a .zip file. Most frequently user’s list is now filtered by workflow type to prevent unnecessary listings. Other improvements include better related tasks section, which now shows recipient/sender and attachments columns and many others.

Release Notes

New features

  • If enabled by a remote Mulberry system the current holder of the outgoing document is now visible,
  • Notes plugin released to enable keeping personal notes and messaging between Mulberry users. For details please refer to Plugins section,
  • Outgoing document task detailed view is now showing all recipients and their deadlines before sending out and after sending out,
  • If enabled by a remote Mulberry system the current holder of the outgoing document is now visible,
  • All attachments from particular task are now downloadable with one click as zip file,
  • Addition improvement in Most Frequently Used lists now differentiates between workflow types, this should decrease the list of recipients and appearance of unnecessary entries, especially in incoming and outgoing lists,
  • Improved related tasks section to show external recipient/sender information as a separate column,


  • Deadline assigning design has been modified to fit better in the overall appearance of recipient list and task views, also now it is possible to set a predefined number of days 1-15 from drop down selector list,
    task view design has been modified to reflect users requirement on always showing fully open


  • Fixed issue with automatic actions not being performed during deadline miss,
  • Fixed design issue when user hints will overlap with attachments box in action view,
  • Fixed the issue when text typing cursor will disappear from filed during typing,
  • Improve user settings synchronization logic
  • When I set deadline on second performer register internal deadline expiring on the first assignee
  • Do not change last action performer after non-holder actions.