Date 04-04-2019
Polishing of the overall system performance including backup/restore from backup management, old mulberry migration, reporting/search tools and navigation. Still struggling to comply with Apple native browser. Notes plugin updated to new version and now is available for commenting. Any user that has been shared with a note can comment on note. Deadline control during action has been enhanced with calendar day setting. Navigation pane for tabs has been improved to scroll a full page of tabs instead of one by one. Library view design has been improved to provide more streamlined view of data in library. 
Release Notes

New features

  • Now it is allowed to set deadline using default value set in admin panel for automatic actions,
  • Second assignee deadline is now automatically can be set during subtask creating action,
  • Changed attachments handling during receiving submissions to save more disk space for our clients,
  • Improvements Mulberry 1.3 task migration functions, to enable address book, roles and other system settings import,
  • Restoring from backup at any point of time is now available for Mulberry 2.0 from backup
  • New design of deadline control is applied to throughout all interfaces in the system.


  • View design of values of libraries has been applied to have more details on individual items of library,
  • Search and reporting have been enhanced with more predefined functions like now, last year and exact match,
  • Notes plugin enabled commenting on a note by users who have been shared with a particular note,
  • Tab scrolling now will scroll by page length on each click,
  • Improved user card by restricting the length of position description in user card. For positions longer than certain characters now we show a tooltip,
  • Mulberry 2.0 has been upgraded to Python to 3.7,
  • ¬†Still struggling with apple software compatibility, apple users should notice changes under apple native products.


  • Fixed the issue of external deadline disappearing after performing an action,
  • Addressed text fit and design issues in Notes plugin,
  • Fixed the issue with some of workflows not being imported properly,
  • Updated ID card login plugin to cover new developments in ID card login security,
  • Corrected malfunctioning of file type library field's multiple values,
  • When form field define as Unique, and after that edit other option system return error
  • Fixed the issue of more/less expanding buttons disappearing in action/comments section for long texts,
  • Addressed the issue of not being able to set access to custom search/report to ALL,
  • Fixed the problem with '<=' and '>=' functions not working properly with predefined date functions.