Date 26-06-2019
There have been 150 releases so far enriching Mulberry Groupware 2.0 for our users. Meeting plugin has been released. Meeting management plugin enables organization, scheduling and management of meetings. Plugin adds features to action settings that allow sending a particular task to a meeting agenda. Using this plugin You can arrange meetings, create agendas, set status of agenda items like ongoing, waiting rejected, etc. This is a convenient tool to integrate You interoganization meeting with ongoing documents in Mulberry. Meeting attributes like organizer, invitees and internal guests invitations are enabled. Notification system to invited persons via email and push is available in next release. Inbox has been completely redesigned to address all issues and concerns users have raised. News section for managing internal directories like phone directory, external partners and other new features are included in 150-th release. 
Release Notes

New features

  • [MUL2-4801] – Security issue. Now we have enabled two-factor authentication if user logins from new IP (last one month),


  • [MUL2-4391] - Browser type fields now have tree view,
  • [MUL2-4546] - Redesigned inbox to address all issues with existing inbox functionality,
  • [MUL2-4691] - New task tab added to show migrated task history,
  • [MUL2-4765] - Programming teams cleanup related to refactoring sysmgr to perform sequential execution of database and system update scripts,
  • [MUL2-4786] - Users asked for adding mobile number in directories and user settings,
  • [MUL2-4800] - Related documents now are visible to main task viewer, enjoy!,
  • [MUL2-4801] - Enable two-factor authentication if user IP is not trusted (for month) or not in IP settings
  • [MUL2-4804] – For visa requests, now we show the main task in related tasks section,
  • [MUL2-4813] – Meeting plugin now allows to define which of task attachments will be included in agenda view,
  • [MUL2-4823] - Redesigned account profile picture control buttons,
  • [MUL2-4840] – Task tab popups now are translated into an understandable strings.


  • [MUL2-4808] - Fixed the issue when disabled recipient in addressbook will remain as an active electronic service client in web service clients section,
  • [MUL2-4815] - Fixed the issue when in action group section, the system would not open tree view selector,
  • [MUL2-4817] - System shows action group in batch action but that task doesn't have that action group,
  • [MUL2-4822] - Fixed issue with users not being able define date filter in external deadline section,
  • [MUL2-4842] - Fixed the issue when the notification design will crash for the users without name and last name filled in setting,
  • [MUL2-4850] - Fixed 149 release issue when tracking tasks from has stopped,
  • [MUL2-4853] - Fixed issues when tabs will crash because of performance assessment plugin,
  • [MUL2-4859] - Fixed duplication issue in workflows,
  • [MUL2-4863] - Fixed error when sorting data in meeting plugin,