Date 25-10-2019
Deadline management has been improved and now is a separate section with six subsections to manage and control all deadlines and performance. Deadlines now are automatically copied is users decide not to set them manually. Meeting plugin now has real time monitoring dashboard that would allow to remotely monitor ongoing meetings. Some code cleanup and security improvements. External security monitoring systems now can be connected to Mulberry for enhanced security measures. To enable this we have added support of Docker logging service by merging logging configuration into compose file.
Release Notes

New features

  • [MUL2-1854] – deadline management is now one unified section with 4 tabs,
  • [MUL2-5350] – added support of docker logging service by merging logging configuration into compose file so monitoring systems can be connected to mulberry, 
  • [MUL2-5438] - created cache tables to store last actions and refactor "my last actions" section to read from it,
  • [MUL2-5439] - added filtering by deadline creator and holder roles for internal deadlines listings, 
  • [MUL2-5440] – 2 more tabs in deadline section to include deadline summary section for internal deadlines, 
  • [MUL2-5453] – new filter added in internal deadlines section to filter by deadline assigning person and subordinates. This will allow supervisors to filter deadlines by subordinates and for subordinates to filter deadlines by assigners, 
  •  [MUL2-5461] - Copy current deadline on recipients deadlines if it's changes in action form 


    • [MUL2-5395] – some interface language improvements and cleanup,
    • [MUL2-5443] - both active and draft workplans of subordinates are now available to supervisors in subordinate’s page, 


    • [MUL2-5348] – fixed issue when task would be finished but still visible in user inbox, 
    • [MUL2-5391] – corrected problem related to system returning an error while saving/modifying search 
    • [MUL2-5403] – Corrected an issue when system would not recognize the dates filled manually in date fields, 
    • [MUL2-5407] – fixed an issue when exporting large libraries would result in an empty file exported, 
    • [MUL2-5424] – addressed the issue of «send to mulberry 2.0» button in MS Word would return system error, 
    • [MUL2-5441] – corrected count of working days in Performance assessment section, 
    • [MUL2-5455] – fixed meeting plugin related error in action edition, 
    • [MUL2-5456] – corrected an issue that usage of visa action system shows error 
    • [MUL2-5457] - the action log is corrected to show details of the account that was active on action performed date,