Electronic Document
Management System
Complete solution for Your business process automation tailored to your needs.
Provides for automation of internal operations and inter-departmental workflow for organisations with a staff of over 50. The software has been used in over 300 institutions by over 20,000 users in five countries over the past four years.. The system enables full electronic document and task management, and eliminates hard paper flow within he organisation.
Custom libraries
Built in and custom libraries allow to reach the most accurate data collection and entry for you document metadata.
Roles and users
Mulberry will reflect Your complete organization tree and make sure that all business processes follow the organization structure and rules. 
"Mulberry" EDMS can be applied across different industries, from Government to banking and more...
Electronic document management
Paperless organization system for small, medium and large organizations across different industries.
Decision making automation system
Complete automation of any type of decision  making process excluding human interference.
Internal processes  automation
Automation of decision making processes such as loan applications, admissions and more.
Client management
Client management systems for organizations working with large number of external clients and their business accounts.